Dangerous new practical joke

    a combination of house hold items I will not give are being left out in plastic coke or soda bottles when moved they explode.. HAve you heard of this???? BWT just a tap will set them off... DO NOT PICK UP SODA BOTTLES!!!!!

    The explosion is great enough to remove fingers, hand, and cause severe burns. This is happening in hte town i live in... Kids are leaving these bomb on the side of the road for anyone to pick up.. Putting them in mail boxes and on front steps.

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    Are the bottles still full of soda or coke? Otherwise, how could they explode?

    They are empted of soda and three things are put inside. The cap is placed back on and it is a fully functioanl bomb.
    Ms Sinclair

    That's no joke. That's sick.

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    There are some sickos out there.

    yes there are.. Are you having this issue where you live?

    Haven't heard of it.But you're welcome to keep it over there. I live on a Main road & people throw soft drink bottles out of their cars all the time.I'll pick them up with a long shovel from now on.
    I was just watching my morning news and Springfield Ma, 20 minutes from me has reported finding these explosive bottles on the streets around the city so it's come here too.
    Gosh, now this to worry just getting over used syringes left lying around .There is always something to be concerned over.
    I always pick up bottles and cans that are left by the side of our road. Will not do that anymore, especially since our mailboxes have been vandalized four times this year alone.
    When I lived in Florida, my boyfriends sister's boy (15 years old at that time) had one of these blow up on his while he was holding it. Had to have reconstructive surgery to his hand, arm, neck and face.
    the parents as well as the kids should be put in jail
    ed shank

    I'm hearing this more often recently, lock up the parents because juniors an idiot. When they get out they will undoubtedly monitor the asshole a bit closer.
    Another reason to live in Australia, also to have restrictions on the web as to what is and is not acceptable.

    Stuff the "I have a right to read do see act as I please mob of do gooders." You are opening a Pandoras box of danger.

    The web should be censored, and don`t tell me it is the parents job. The little shits that would do this type of thing do not have parents, they have a man and a woman who were insrumental in their, the little shits, birth.
    What idiotic thing will people think of next?
    ed shank

    All it takes is a chemistry teacher.

    Hey sweety. I know it is not a joke.. But the little turds that are doing it think it is hilarous... FREAKS~~ (and not in a good way)
    This actually is true, but it isn't necessarily a new thing. For the whole story google.


    Sorry, I had to remove your links. We have kids as young as 9 years old here (possibly even younger) I can not in good conscious allow a way to make an explosive to be posted on this forum, even in link form. ;)

    Thanks Colleen.. Ileft out how to make the device on pupose because there are kids and adults around that are just plain stupid enough to make it.

    Elitis.. I know we used to make a simliar device when we were kids.. But it never crossed our minds to hurt someone with it. I was backyard fun.. Really STUPID backyard fun... But we were latch key kids with absolutely NO supervision.

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