clean mold off of cabinets

    how do i clean mold off of cabinets and get rid of smell. I smell it but can not find it under the kitchen cabinets.

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    Don't use bleach, overtime it looses it sterilization properties and becomes food for mold. Make sure you wear a respirator or mask that will keep you from inhaling any mold spores, particles, or micro toxins. It should only be removed under negative air by professionals. If you can't find it it may be in the drywall behind the cabinets or on the bottom side of the cabinets.

    1. H2O2 aka Hydrogen Peroxide poured on a sponge right from the bottle will definitely kill the mold in the kitchen cabinet and anywhere else.

    2. An olive leaf powder and water (just a little water) will kill the mold in the kitchen cabinet and anywhere else also.
      Try these solutions and be blessed!


    Thanks Volcane This really worked well

    White vinigar works extremely well and leaves no smell.

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