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    I draw great illustrations and cartoons where do i get a job in Georgia or anywhere drawing cartoons or doing ilustrations. Please help me find some place to show my artwork. I know once someone who needs my work sees my artwork they will hire me. Help me by giving me some some answers on people and companies that could use my lifes passion. God bless all.

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    Do you have a website? If not, you need to build one ASAP! If you want to be taken seriously, you must have a site up that prospective clients can look at. It doesn't have to be complicated-- you can go to to build a free one very easily and make sure you add a page that contains your contact information. Also, sign up to, and really use that site to meet other people. It has a huge amount of info on all kinds of professions including art and design, and it is a good way to digitally network with others. Find out if there are any art/design meet-up groups in your area and attend some meetings, even if it isn't exactly straight illustration or cartooning. Also, make sure you have your portfolio book ready to go, and get some business cards so that you can give them to everyone you meet--again, nothing fancy. You can get very inexpensive ones at

    Don't limit yourself to just your area. Now in this digital age, you can work for virtually anyone, anywhere. Contact advertising agencies in NY and London, contact magazines, design firms, etc.

    Keep up the good work, and keep your mind open to all potential possibilities. God bless and good luck!


    a big thanks goes out to you Drawingdami for your answer to my question

    I drew black line illustration and sold thousands of originals over a ten year period. I've never just done art to earn a living. There was a dozen other little money making things to fill my days. I worked as a carpenter, electrician, electronic tech, boat builder, auto detail worker, janitor, etc,etc. I have really enjoyed having such a diverse way of getting by. I've done everything I could and learned so very much. Ran a still to make alcohol, picked and dried flowers, mined gold, flown airplanes to haul miners and gear, cooked, cleaned, gambled. Variety is the spice of life. Drove a cab. Worked as a fireman. Go for it all. Some pays more for a while. I'm just intolerant of boredom.

    I am not an expert in your field but, I would try your local news paper, who use art illustrators throughout there papers and advertising agencies for job openings. Post your resume and search though on-line employment locator's like etc...
    Best of luck

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