Scoliosis and a curve to the right causing lots of discomfort and pain and told that surgery is not an option I am 58 and very uncomfortable and unable to walk can you recomend a solution thankyou gillian

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    Sorry to hear this. I have slight scoliosis with sideways curve and sway back. For lower back I put a board under a memory foam - VERY rigid but woke up without tightness. Maybe there's an organization for scoliosis that can make a suggestion. I use a walker only so I can walk as straight up as much aS possible and DO NOT carry heavy bags thaqt make things lopsided & worse. Try a 4-wheeled walker? Thru insurance or at drug store. There are some Medline ones that only weigh 11 pounds (Walgreen's), like mine.
    Take care! Good luck... (I'm 48)
    We are not doctors here and cannot recommend such things to anyone. You should ask your doctor for options to help manage the pain and help you walk.

    True, but... People with similar medical problems always share successes. Doctors don't know the subtleties of living with some conditions. I recovered froma spinal cord injury because my boyfriend was quadraplegic & knew how to challenge me daily. Patients get desparate. Sharing happens. Then check it with your doctor.

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