What is ther best University to attend to study Catholic Religion to become a minister

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    I think 'we' catholics have priests -- Catholic priest receive their training and 'vows' at a Seminary..
    You would think it would be in Rome? Here are some websites to check out.

    List of Roman Catholic seminaries - Wikipedia, the free ...

    * Argentina|
    * Australia|
    * Austria|
    * Belgium

    This is a list of Roman Catholic seminaries in the world, including those that have been closed. As of the Annuario Pontificio 2009, the total number of candidates for the priesthood of... - Cached
    "Seminary program delivers ‘the best of both worlds’"
    If you are actively discerning a vocation to the Priesthood, Diaconate, Consecrated Life, or Marriage and you are looking for information to help in your ... - Cached
    Good Catholic seminaries? - Catholic Answers Forums
    ... over 200,000 members from around the world discussing all things Catholic. ... student considering entering the seminary ... What are the best Catholic seminaries in terms of ... - Cached
    Sorry to disagree with you. The Church Iattend has 3-Prists and 3-Pastors

    Who are you disagreeing with?? Me?? The word 'Minister' is a disambiguation of the proper term 'Priest'. However, in some Catholic priesthood orders there is a position of 'Minister General' in which this person is the head honcho of that order. The designation 'priest' is interchangeable with many religious orders but the 'protestant' faith prefers minister, regardless, they are all the same, clergy, man of the cloth, etc.. Ironically, many Catholics do not call themselves Christians, they prefer being called 'catholics'. I have never understood this one.. LOL

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