Is your dishwasher trying to kill you? Check out this site, the answer may surprise you?...

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    I have a dishwasher because everyone told me I just HAD to have one. I actually hate dishwashers. I still wash my dishes by hand. My dishwasher has become extra storage for pots and pans :)

    Many people may think I'm strange, but I actually like washing dishes. It was one of my first chores as a kid, and I'd rather just clean them by hand to this day.
    My dishwasher just might be trying to kill me, just try her cooking an you may agree!!

    Lmao, thanks for the laugh.
    Like to wash my own dishes. I feel safer that way!
    They may be revolting, 62% of dishwashers are rebelling against their owners.
    I use bleach in every wash... Wonder if that helps?

    Certainly doesn't hurt.

    Sounds like a good idea Jenn.
    I am my own dishwasher as is my husband. Neither one of us is out to kill the other one. A whole lot safer than one of those comtraptions.
    Most dishwashers contain black yeast or harmful fungi that can cause lung infections, if people aren't checking out the website. It is a funny question and I thank you all for the laugh, thumbs up.
    There is a new study out that has found that 62% of dishwashers have dangerous fungi, that may have serious health effects.
    People just assume dishwashers sterilize themselves. Just like anything else, a dishwasher has to be cleaned and sterilized on occasion. People have gotten lazy with all the modern conveniences.
    Heck I do not even know if the damn thing works I think it would be best if I did not put styrofoam plates in it to find out.

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