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    Will knowing God transform your mind???

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    Some people view Christians as brain washed, but I believe the opposite is true. No one tells me what or how to think, I just listen and research what I have heard and make my own decision.

    The transformation of the mind is more of a spiritual transformation of the soul, you still think just like everyone else in the world as far as bad or good thoughts. It's just what you do with those thoughts, there's a verse that says take every thought captive, etc.. For example; meaning if you see a beautiful woman, don't sin in your mind by imagining what it would be like to have sex with her. Control your thought instead, making them pleasing to God.

    I believe you listen to you conscience more and dwell less on the things your body wants, and more on the things that your soul or God wants. So yes there is a transformation, once you accept Jesus as you savior, he dwells in your heart.

    Before I became a Christian I was very self oriented, now I think of others, many times putting their needs before mine. That was an unusual change to the way I was used to thinking.

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