Is there a patent on car dollie's that you can put under a car with castors witlh handle that you can push a car that will not start

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    Sorry, we are not the patent office. If there is none, I suggest you get one right away because you just posted your idea to thousands of people who view this forum.
    Question: Why would anyone go to the bother of putting dollies with castors under already existing wheels?! (Those things called a car's wheels are still able to turn without the engine going. No one is going to jack a car up and put dollies under it!!!) Patent that idea and you might as well call it, "The Dust Collector 2011," because that'll be it's best intended purpose.

    If someone steals your idea, they'd be doing you a favor.

    It's for cars that aren't running, I'm sure there is a patent on it. Not very many people are dumb enough to invent something without getting a patent.
    Shootah, have you ever watched infomercials and seen some of the gadgets they manage to sell? Trust me, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone who would buy something like this car dolly. I can almost guarantee people would think it would make an excellent father's day gift for the backyard mechanic.

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