what are the symptoms of ear mites

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    **You should check with a vet to be sure the odor is actually mite infestation and not an infection due to another cause.**

    Ear Mites

    Ear mites cause most dogs' ear infections and ear odor. They can be passed from dog to dog, or between cats and dogs. Ear mites typically cause heavy wax buildup in the ears, which causes the odor. You can eliminate the infection and smell by applying ear mite medicine or multipurpose monthly spot medicines.
    they shake their had alot and if you get a tissue and wipe the inside of the ear darkbrownish stuff comes out a bit like treackle colour never use a cotton bud as you can injure their ears you must take it to the vet and they will perscribe something for your pet, but watch out once yr pet has had ear mites they often come back I had a cat for 15 yrs and they came back at least once a year melanie
    another quik clue is the dog will shake his head as if he has water in his ears, there will be brown waxy spots and maybe light blood, wipe the inside of the ear with a tissue, if the tissue has brown waxy residue it's likly to be ear mites or a yeast infection(caused by water traped behind ear wax) this too is very common. however if it is ear mites the best way to tell is;remove a specimen of wax with a cotton swab,
    smear the swab on a piece of anything BLACK,
    now look at the specimen through a mag
    nifying glass mites are White and about the size of a pin head.its likely they will be moving.

    Very informative & accurate answer hester!
    Dogs like to smell your ears and yes, it is ear smells like ass to a dog.

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