what is the imported rodent in wetland in Louisana

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    Nutria, imported to the U.S. from South America by fur farmers, have gnawed through an estimated 80,000 acres of marshes since arriving seven decades ago, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. They look like very large rats.
    This animal is also naturalised in France where is is called a 'ragondin'.
    It makes holes in river banks which lead to flooding. It has no natural enemies and is a major pest.
    A pat? of ragondin can be made and is quite tasty.
    I am from San Antonio. I saw this critter on may 12, 2011 at the Jordan River close to where is the outlet of Lake Galilee. This is the spot where people get baptized. I walked down the stairs to the river edge in the baptism area. This critter was not scared but still munching something by the guard rail. I saw the big incise teeth and said it can not be a rat because it is larger than a rat. And it can not be a beaver, because it is smaller than a beaver. Plus when it swam away slowly, its tail is round like a rat, not a beaver's tail that is like a rudder. I took a picture of it. Now nutria or coypu is also in Israel.

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