Why is it so tempting to write silly answers when someone has a serious question?

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    I seriously think i need to leave this thread before i drop a silly answer to a serious question.. :)

    rofl ... and again rofl ... and over and over ... lol, vinny!
    There are so many questions that just don't make sense, spelling is atrocious, perhaps someone can't put their thoughts down in words that make sense to us, sometimes it's just kids playing around. In any case, we are here taking our time to answer questions and so many times it seems just not worth it. We talked about this just the other day, we try to answer, never get a thanks, never get even a thumbs up for taking the time. It's better to blow it off and laugh rather than cuss people out or just refuse to answer.

    Great point!!

    good answer 6dogs hugs
    every body loves humor as well as self praise. im the biggest offender of that, some questions deserve a silly answer,truth is when we we get a laugh out of an answer it makes you fell like part of the gang as well as self worth.

    As a community of answerers, I suppose you know when to not fool around, huh?

    fooling around is accepted any time as long as your serious about having a little fun .
    Some "serious questions" are rediculous.. It is hard not to poke fun at them.. They author leaves the door WIDE open.... For the most part I think most of us try to give helpful answers and information..........When I post an off the wall question that I ginuinely need an answer to I start with "This is a serious question" or "serious answers only"...
    Some people have difficulty putting their actual thoughts into words, it may not make any sense, but some are sincere, I came across a few questions like this.

    We don't know why some people do what they do and say what they say, hey, this "akaqa." We try to accommodate all questions with an answer that fits the question.

    We have unique members on this site that should be appreciated!


    I didn't mean to imply that some questions are sincere but stupid. "There are no stupid questions". It's just how my mind works - I see a joke in there somewhere...

    we all do...

    "There are no stupid questions"

    Hahahaha, this is true 99.9% of the time unless you're on akaQA. Just wait ;)
    Quote MaryMary "I suppose you know when to not fool around, huh?"

    Yes, anyone with true compassion knows when not to fool around and joke and will answer in the serious tone a question was asked in. Especially if the question is dealing with heartache or loss.
    You'll get to know the difference in the questions.
    I just think it is human nature - obviously there is a time & place. Nothing wrong with a good sense of humour - quite healthy in fact.
    The answers can be funny and silly, but also funny and sincere. Being humorous on serious questions is fine with me, but there should be a point as well.
    If it's a serious question they won't, provided you can understand it.
    This is why I keep coming back.

    me too, robert grist!

    me too, robert grist!
    I give serious answers if I am capable of it.Sometimes tho it doesn't hurt to lighten up a bit.At the end of the day it's up to the asker to filter the answers & take on board the serious ones but have a laugh along the way.
    Many of the questions are ambiguous.

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