explain the spread sheet of a heart rate?

    the measurement results: QRS QT/QTcB, PR P RR/PP

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    Terms of interest: Polarization means charging (electrons) to maximum before contraction and depolarizion is state deplete of electrons. The first wave (P)on the graph is the atrium, QRS are for ventricles, and QT is the time required for completion of polarization and repolarization.

    PR wave interval is normally 120 to 200 msec. Outside that range could indicate a conduction block between atrium and ventricle.

    QT/QTc: QT is a prolongation of the wave depending on the heart rate (faster HR, shorter interval...slower, longer). The QTc interval is a better diagnostic by removing the heart rate from the interval so the calculation is independent of the heart rate. Normal corrected QT (QTc) is equal to or less than 440 msec. Your QTc is 413 and normal.

    QRSd is the duration of the QRS wave. QRSd is an important prognostication used with studies, if greater than 120 there is a higher risk of death when associated with older age, lower EF, cardiomyopathy, and prior heart failure.

    Found this stuff if it helps:

    Axis represents hearts position within rib cage at different angles in a vector relationship.

    There are usually 12 different leads and depending on the angle and lead there willl probably be damaged muscle recognized from a particular angle and lead... There was a computerized printout of an anterolateral septum wall infarct with 98ms tracing of QRSd. The time to pass an impulse through the septum wall would be less than the ventricle. The computer printout differentiated the septum wall as part of the QRSd and indicated damaged tissue.

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