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    My husband keep communicating with other girls. He is a bus driver and has phone number of girls that he meet either on the job or on his travel. Even though he keeps telling me that I am the only one for him I found out that he bought one of them a gift the same gift that he bought me for valentine's day. What do you suggest I do.

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    yes he sounds like he needs an indoor job`

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    Ask him to find another job... It sounds harsh but, he is being tempted. If your relationship is going to grow you have to be honest with him.

    Time to dump him and move on with your life and not waste anymore time with the skirt chaser.

    There is no love in what he does. If there is no love in marriage then there is no reason for it to exist. Decide that you love yourself while you still can, and decide what to do. You must present the 'idea' of divorce to him.

    There is no way to say this nicely. Your husband is playing around.You and I both know you don't collect phone numbers orbuy presents for the opposite sex for any other reason except you are having or intending to have extra marital sex.
    Draw the line here and now. tellhim if you find one more phone numberor hear of one more incident you are going.Full stop.
    Asking hin to changehisjob isof absolutelyno use. There will be women wherever he works.

    He sounds like a waste of space, hes telling you what you want to hear. But on the job hes pulling girls from all ways it wont be long till he cheats (if he already hasint that is. Hes going to just hurt you. you need to lay your feelings on the table and tell him that if he doesint stop it and tell the girl(s) its over then show him the door !

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