the funny thing is they don't want to clean, or pack their stuffs, they just want to complain without doing any thing, and they don't even want to move out? So what can do with this sittuation.?

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    As countrys hv different laws, think best advice is to get legal advice.
    Change the locks on the doors when they go out. But, first get legal advice.
    If they're anyone over 18, grab them by the collar and push them towards the door and utter these words " Get the F**k out now".
    mom, so aggressive.
    ed shank

    It does work though. Never been known for tact.
    i still say kick em to the curb.
    Do not spray for bugs. If tenants don’t leave, you have the wrong kind of bugs in the house. If they don’t clean it up, have the health department condemn the house then they will have to leave. Toss peanut butter on bread under the house to encourage rats. They are paying the water bill? Break a spigot off. Have an electrician blow all of the fuses. Have an electrician install a lightening rod and not run a grounding rod. Go to animal control and get a live skunk or rabid fox and put through an open window at night. Pay neighborhood kids to catch live terranchelor spiders and scorpions for you know who and deliver them through the mail slot. Tar the door handles. Have a truck load of green manewer dumped in front of the front door. Tell the police they may have a drug lab going by the smell and ask them to check the out.
    What situation? Who? Who won't move? Please, please tell us!
    Thanks for all the answers. I feel better when i read these answers, but I can not anything about this. I call Landlord and tenants act. They tell to give the notice letter to the tenants:
    1) Correction this problem, if they want to stay. I give them 7 days to packs to clean the house, and I will pest control to spray.
    2) they must move out.

    I am so sad, because it cost so much money to pay for this services, but I can not let it be, because it is my house. So I ask them to PACK AND CLEAR THE HOUSE, so we can spray it well.

    They are lazy, they don't want to pack their stuffs, so I ask them move out, they said they like to live here????

    Now I just follow the member of Landlord and tenant acts building, send them a letter, and ask them to move out.

    During the time waiting for them to move out, I am worry that bed bug will spread out more and more, so I want to spray first.

    Some time I don't understand how come they can live like that, and I really hate the law, because it is not effective for this situation, that to wait...until to use the law to force they move out.

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