If Global Warming is so bad, why do people go on holiday to warm places?

    Ok, so some go to cold places too, but not when it isn't sunny.

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    One thing is for sure,paying more tax on everything coming under the heading of 'carbon tax' isn't going to cool the earth down!
    There is no global warming. It's all lies. Al Gore has made billions from it. Scientists work for companies. They push what companies have on their agenda. Governments push scientists who work for them to say what the government wants them to. Here is a real scientist: this guy is an Astro-physicist.
    It's no longer 'Global Warming' The libs changed that to 'CLIMATE CHANGE' so that they can screw your minds all year long.. And now it makes it so much easier to explain why it gets cold in the winter.. LOL Works for summer too!!!
    Smart these 'progressives'... LOL
    Oh, you skeptics, you.


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