Is it possible to get off hypertension drug if, after a couple weeks of no drugs in the system, my range daily range is 121/83 (low) to 133/89? If so, what are your suggestions?

    I am not overweight. I am pretty stress-free since retiring from my job earlier this year. I walk every morning and evening and am careful with what I eat now. I have had no bad reaction since I quit taking the drug. My average blood pressure with cozaar was 125/80.

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    Check with your doctor. We are not medically qualified to instruct you if you can come off a prescribed medication.
    Not medical advise, but your range is within normal according to my doctor. Stay off these heart meds if possible, you will take them for the rest of your life if you do. DO NOT STOP THEM ON YOUR OWN, YOU CAN DIE.

    Thanks, Ed. My doctor told me that I could stop taking it if I wanted to. He added that since insurance covered most of the cost, it's ok to stay with it. Your first reason is exactly why I want to get off of the meds permanently. Otherwise, I could be taking them for the rest of my life.
    83 is still considered HIGH, ASK YOUR DR>
    like colleen said check with your doctor..this is not ''webmd",they charge money for the answer,just the same as your doctor...
    Lose 10 lbs and you won't have to take anything.

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