A soft contact lens broke off in my eye - i don't think it completely came out how can I make sue all pieces are out?

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    Have you ever hear of and oculist? He'll be able to tell you for sure and give you the proper guidance. Good luck !
    Go to the optometrist and he/she will soon tell you.
    you need to see an eye doctor, they can stain your eye and look into your eye, the stain will pick up foriegn bodies, and the dr can then take it out. i had some sand blow into my eye a few years back, I thought that I had washed it all out my eye, but it continued to hurt, and it had scratched my eye, this is how they got it out for me, self medicating your eyes is not good, I wind up having a cornea abraision, and to this day, when my eyes dry out really bad at night, and when I wake up in the am, and open my eyes, it feels like the incident happended all over again, the dryness causes the abrasion to reappear, don't take the chance with your eyes, you only have two. and walking around with an eye patch on is no picnic, go see your doctor who prescribed your contact lens. best of luck to you. I hope you got it all out.

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