does one get too old for a knee replacement operation

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    Is Age an Obstacle to Knee Replacement Surgery?

    Some people may worry that they are too old too benefit from having a total knee replacement. But even osteoarthritis patients 75 and older appear to benefit greatly from joint replacement surgery, as a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine has indicated. Researchers followed 174 elderly patients with severe knee or hip osteoarthritis—average age 75—for 12 months, assessing them at six weeks, six months, and one year. During that time, 29% (47) had joint replacement surgery. Although most of them took several weeks to recover, the long-term results were less pain and disability.

    There were no deaths, but complications such as an infection or a blood clot in the lungs occurred in 17%, and 38% had pain for longer than a month. However, on average, those who had surgery were walking in less than two weeks and doing housework after seven. Their scores on a standard scale measuring pain and function had improved 50% at the 12-month follow-up. All but one felt they’d made the right choice to have the surgery. And patients over 75 had similar benefits and recovery as those in the 65 to 74 age range.

    Many people who opted out of surgery expressed fears about the surgery itself and about recovery. But the study clearly suggests that elderly people with severe osteoarthritis should at least discuss joint replacement with their doctor.

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    I wouldn't think there's an age limit really. I know a lady who had a hip replacement three years ago, she will be 101 years of age in August. She gets around fine,  just uses a walking stick.


    more power to her. And your thoughts are good too,Sunny.

    My mom needed knee surg  when she was in her late 80s and early 90s, but she herself thought she was too old. So did I . It's more a case of the person being too frail and feeble, like she was. I supposed if a person was strong and able , they could and would have knee surgery in their 90s.

    My friend, Lois's father had open heart surgery in his 90s, b/c he said if he was going to be here, he wanted to be right. The doctor wasn't too crazy about doing it. But. they did it. Then they screwed it up, so they opened him up the next day.  He survived it pretty well and lived to be about  99.

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