what does PSX mean?

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    The PSX is a fully functional digital video recorder with RF, S-Video and composite inputs. It is able to tune analog VHF and CATV. It comes with a remote control and can be also linked with a PlayStation Portable to transfer videos and music via USB ports.[2] It also features software for video, photo and audio editing.[3]

    The PSX supports PlayStation and PlayStation 2 gaming using PlayStation 2-based hardware, with Emotion Engine, Graphics Synthesizer and the I/O processor. It supports online game compatibility using an internal broadband adapter. Games that use the PS2 HDD (for example Final Fantasy XI) are supported as well.[4]

    The PSX doesn't include a controller. A special, ceramic-white USB DualShock 2 was released separately.[5] However, original DualShocks are fully supported by two joystick ports in the back side and memory cards are also supported via port in the front side.[6]

    The PSX is also known for its introduction of Sony's XMB graphical user interface, used later on PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, 2008 BRAVIA model TVs and most new Sony devices to date.

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