My mother in law gets under my skin

    1)Please tell me if you say Salmon... sal-mon or sa-mon....
    2)have you ever head someone say they "have sinuses" rather than thier sinuses or allergies are bothering them
    3) And she says sugar and not diabetes.. as in "I got the sugar" no I have diabetes.

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    She is weird. Hope she leaves soon. I mean leave the world. This is not for her. Of course you say samon, the 'l' is silent.
    When she says, "I got the sugar." Ask her how much you owe her. She most likely has a complex. She sounds awful. Put some pepper in her tea.

    Bahahaha.. "put pepper in her tea" Love it... She isnt all bad.. It is just the way she talks. Well mostly.

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    I have been married 3 times and had great mothers in law.

    I used to enjoy immensely going to visit them at the cementry.

    PEOPLELOVE, ur very funny.
    Tell me about it. My father-in-law is the same way. I get irritated easily. Don't want to get into the details.....peace be with me!
    1) sam-on

    2) my sinus's are blocked

    3) diabetes

    She sounds southern.

    4) She's doing her job as a mother-in-law by getting under your skin, lol

    LMAO.. Gee thanks... She makes my skin crawl everytime she opens her mouth.. You would think it would get better over time but I think it is getting worse.

    You're getting older, less patience for the senile, lol

    I would answer it the same exact way, good work Colleen. She's just trying to get your goat Jenn, with practice you will learn not to let her get to you...
    Jenn ,I might be on of the few on the other end, I like my mother in law but she thinks I don't, its because I don't smile..I don't have a face that smiles, and it has bothered her probably ever since I started dating her daughter {30 some years ago}.I even over heard her the other day ask my wife if I smiled at Bailey our daughter.

    Did you know that you can practice your smile? :-)

    Hi schubee:-} my smile is not good a puter either,, My face just does not do the smile thing. don't know why, but even if I do smile it looks really forced.

    Aww.. I am sure your duaghter brings you great joy ... I love my mother in law... Dont get me wrong she is just so pushy and even more so when she is wrong.. It gets on my nervse.. But she has help shape me as a mother wife and daughter... Iwouldnt want a different mom in law.. But I am well aware she would be happier if her sons were not married.

    Just remember all the things you say about your mother-in-law. Because you are going to be one, one day. I was never pushy with my daughter-in-law. I never advised her on anything. I praised her and praised her. But that was not enough. Now, I don't see her anymore. It's sad really. I never ill-treated my mother-in-law. She and her husband lived with us for three years. I told her that my house is hers and to do as she wanted. She did. She loved cooking, she cooked all day long. The only trouble is, I had to do all the washing up. I did all the housework and the washing of clothes. It was a good arrangement.
    1)Always Sam on
    2)That's a newie on me.
    3)We say we have sugar.Not 'The' sugar instead of diabetes.
    But then we are Australians & ev'ry things is a little bit diff'rent down here.
    But I can relate to what you said about mothers in law.

    No one can imagine this woman.. She would not have been happy unless she married her sons...

    Oh I can.I call mine the princess of protocol among other names that I have given her.
    1) the anti-christ
    2) Betty Blockbuster.
    3)The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.(When she is in tandem with my wifes little sister.

    Awesome. OUT laws unite!!!!
    As Archie Bunker would say of this situation…"Like ships that clash in the night."
    I've had three mother-in-laws. The first one has passed, the other two don't speak English, so I have no problems.:o)

    Jenn I sympathy with you putting up with your mother in law,look at this way,your turn is just around the corner,getting some good practice.Told you WILL grow the ripe than be,and sweeter you ever
    {{Hug squeeze }}{kisses}:}LOL.
    Mine used to, she's dead now. Skin feels better now.
    Jenn, she sounds like a friend of mine. She came up with ways os saying things that sometimes i wonder where she is from. I just laugh my ass off every time she opens her mouse. But in your case she is your mother-in-law so I don't know what to tell you.

    1st I am Jenn... can you hear my heart breaking...... :(.... No she gets mad when you say things properly, she corrects you and acts like you are an idiot.

    Looks as tho you have some funny ways of saying things yourself Varon. (Mouse???)

    WTH did I write mouse somewhere. If so it was a typo not a lifestyle... LOL

    No, Varon wrote it, lol

    Hey guys, what can i say? Sometimes I do not recheck my writing and let it go the way I wrote it the first time. Sorry.

    I dont check mine very often either but I am a come as you are kinda girl... I just didnt know where mouse came from.

    Me a girl? What make you believe that ? LOL

    No, lol...she's saying she is a come as you are kind of girl.

    Tommy was just playing around with the "mouse" bit. We all know you meant mouth ;)

    Thanks Colleen, I knew it. Appreciate your comment.
    Australian Aborigines have a rule that MIL's are not allowed to speak to their sons or daughters in law.
    Seems like a rule worth adopting generally.
    My first MIL had a saying 'nurses are dirty bitches, they make the worst wives and the worst mothers'.
    My second MIL fell off a balcony whem drunk and died, but that was before I met her.

    Are you a nurse? Your MIL is a crazy lady.

    No, I'm not a nurse, the dear lady had a thing about nurses. She is now in another realm so she can insult the other inhabitants of heaven (or the other place).

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