What is the best way to break large rocks?

    I heard that I could drill holes in the rocks and fill the holes with water during the winter. When the water freezes and expands it will crack the rocks. Has anybody tried this?

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    if your not in any kind of a rush it will work another method is called "feather and wedge"translastion a sledge hammer and an iron as well as elbow grease.
    I just use another big rock to bust up big rocks.. But then I'm old and I live in a cave and draw stick people on the wall with burnt firewood and drag my wife around by the hair.


    Yeah, cruel but its my job.. Its what i do..
    I have never heard of this method, but in theory it could work. If not hire a jack hammer.
    First you need a rock drill,then a jack hammer & a set of 'FOX wedges.You drill the rock,insert the wedges then the jack hammer bit goes between the wedges,Simple.
    the same way you break small rocks but using a larger hammer!
    I don`t know but my girl Dina might.
    To break a large rock, place an old tyre or tyres on the rock and burn the tyres. The heat wil break the rock. This is how it's done where I live, and it works
    To break a large rock, place an old tyre or tyres on the rock and burn the tyre, the head will break the rock

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