Why do aeroplanes have frosted windows in the toilets?

    No ones gonna look through it at 35000 feet.

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    So that men don't get distracted looking out the window and pee on the floor.
    For the same reason Irish submarines have insect screens on the windows.
    I guess for when they are on the runway. Also it may be there for the people in the mile high club, so then they don't get distracted.
    Leeroy what`s this nonsense about the mile high club? When I am in that situation nothing and I mean nothing distracts me.

    I had a husband walk in once and I continued on my "exercise" until I was finished.
    Some things are important.

    I've heard stories of women talking about strange things during the act, or doing their nails. I've never had this problem personally, but I figured maybe some people have...

    leeroy you will love this.
    I was was working in outback Queensland near a (Ethnic) camp and was feeling like a bit of hows you father so asked one of the other workers what was the go.

    He told me to get a pair of cheap sneakers and go to the above camp as due to the hot sandy conditions sneakers were most acceptable to the local (ethnic) ladies. Doing as he suggested I soon found myself in the throes of passion. The lady concerned was a real goer, twisting and turning one way then the other.

    I was congratulating myself on my choice when I realised she was trying on the sneakers. boom boom

    To keep birds from crashing into the window attempting to catch a wormy or maybe to keep the sun out of ones eye.
    You are all forgetting about the gremlins that hang out on the wings (at 35,000 feet). Didn't any of you hear about the stories from WW2, or see the movie "The Twilight Zone?" Seeing that looking through the window at 35,000 feet while you were doing your business, would, well, scare the "business" out of you...

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