how to prepare for radiation?

    I dont have a clue!! I need to prepare for japans radiatoin on us...I called dr and they said theyre not doing anything. Im I guess the only one thats worried!! No action is being taken they say...well doesnt it take time to prepare??? Iodine in your body has to be tested through blood work..then depending on the leval is how much to take in an emergency??
    Masks? Radiation moniters? What else should we have on hand? How much can we rely on news etc? They monitors testing the air?? how to set up your house? With radiation proof stuff? Any tips will be great!! Oh im in Oregon btw

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    Good god, are you actually serious?? :)

    I'm in California, about 20 minutes from the Pacific.. You are getting bombarded daily with radiation that is stronger than we are getting or will get from Japan. But if it makes you feel better, get a lead umbrella..

    wireless internet has the worst radiation of household products. But why would you worry about something that's happening in japan??.... it's so far away. There is already radiation in the air from other things, don't be silly.. or wrap yourself in tinfoil.

    Stop being paranoid. Even a significant leak probably won't reach the US. Enjoy life!


    probably is the right answor...what if it does though! Then were scrambiling instead of preparing...

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