are dead patches of grass on my lawn caused by an animal with a bladder problem

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    There are different things that could be causing this.

    1. Dog urine will turn grass yellow. The best way to combat this is to dilute the urine with water as soon as you see the dog go.

    2. There can also be a fungus in your lawn causing this.

    3. Have your soil tested to make sure the ph level for your soil is correct. You can get a test kit at home deopt.
    it sounds to me it is a dog and it would be a bitch who has not been spade its the urine and there is alot of acid in this and she she also marking her area if you know owner give about 1table spoon of ketchup in her food and this will neutrolise the urine
    You could have lawn grubs ,no silly in the lawn, they eat the roots causing the grass to die.
    The urine from female dogs will cause yellow spots in the grass.

    Either sex will cause it. ;)
    could be from beer cans
    it simply means that the offending neighborhood dog or cat isn't drinking enough water.
    as wells as moles and the life cycle of certian weeds ...
    could be lawn beetles.
    You should see my lawn, look like a green and yellow spotted mess all summer long. Just as an FYI, there is a powder that you can give to your dogs that will cause the urine to not be so acidic and cause the discoloration. Also, there is a lawn spray to color the yellow spots green temporarily.

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