i live in mohavevalley arizona and when i put my pool up and filled it i put shockit in it and it turned the water red what dio i need to do so this wont happen

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    In the first place, you shouldn't be wasting water. Water is our most precious commodity---especailly in a dry, arrid state, like Arizona. That word literally means arrid zone.

    I think it's up to the state of Arizona to decide if there's a water shortage. Do you turn off your water while dong dishes? Do you flush your toilet every other time you use it just to urinate? Do you ever wash your car? If I were to live in a dry arid state with no relief from the heat other than a pool, I'd have a pool.

    to mycatsmom do you live in mohave valley az. if so then you know how bad the water is here if not let me tell you we have to pay for water that we cant drink or cook with they sent us a letter say not to use the water for that so if i have to pay for it u bet i will use it how ever i fell fit !!!!!! colleen thank you very much it gets around 115 during the summer

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