should I move to Louisiana for a job offer

    I am struggeling in Oregon for 2 years now me and my husband have not been able to settle down and find jobs since the economy hit 2 years ago. Husband cant find a job so we got online and found a company that is hiring but we would have to relocate from Oregon to Louisana!!! New Orleans!! The job is way better paying than any job around here. I can get work anywhere with what I do so we will then both have a job. This company is willing to pay moving expenses and lodging till we get situated. Please only reply if you KNOW what its like to LIVE in Lousiana. Crime rates, schools, (we have small children), entertainment, natural disaster chances, ummmm etc. cost of living to be in a good neighborhood. PLEASE respond with positive answors no rude people this is a blessing that I found this job and I just want imput not suggestions of negitive. Thanks!!! God Bless!!

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    Sorry I am replying.... However... I moved from NH to GA... I love raising my kids in the south. Such a since of community. Huge culture shock for me though. Best of Luck.

    I'm not from Louisana, but I think I would try to fly down first and check out the job, school and where you could live. Is that possible?


    nope...were broke! Thats why we need to relocate for the job!

    My parents were born and bred there and I go back regularly,but I could never live there,hurricanes,mosquitoes,it's way to slow,although all my family is there I could never live there,you would probably be miserable,my parents refuse to ever move back.However it is a good idea to check things out first.

    I lived in Leesville and Jena.It's a nice place to live.It's hot and a lot of ticks.My dad still lives there.There are a lot of Racist people in the small towns.

    I have lived in Lousisana, and Loved it. The biyous, the food, the old south presants. It is and will be a wonderful experiance.

    yes i haved lived here all my ,life it is awsome the food the music and the people

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