Do you think that the over 70s should re-take the driving test.

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    Sometimes we can get lax about doing things exactly the way the law wants you to. A brushup is good for everyone. There used to special classes for older drivers to be sure they remember everything correctly and also to learn how to prevent accidents because of decreased vision and hearing issues.
    I would like to do something about my mom.. Shes 92 and still driving, never had an accident but at that age you never know.
    since simple driving laws have changed from 50 years ago, i think so, yes. Not that 70 plus are not good drivers.
    Had my step fathers license taken away after 9 accidents in 5 months, they retested him and took his license. Totaled out 3 new cars. Enough was enough.
    Yes and I've said it for years.
    I am 66 and when I get to 70 I would like to be chauffeur driven in a Rolls Royce wherever I would like to go and there after also.
    I have held a drivers licence continualy since February 1949 and driven millions of miles, used to average 70-80 miles a year.

    I believe all over 70s should be retested on their physical driving capabilities and the latest road rules.

    I have attended two Defensive Driving Courses over the years and recently a refresher on road rules.
    Driving is a privilege NOT a right.

    I also believe all learner drivers should at their expense attend Defensive Driving classes before they get their learners permit.
    When they get their learners permit they should have to attend advanced driving classes before they get their licence again at their expense.
    During their inital year of driving they should not be allowed to have more than one other person in the car unless they are family members one of whom has held a clean licence for at least four years.

    If they break any of these rules they lose their licence, no ifs no buts lose it and have to go through the whole process again after six months. If they drive unlicenced the vehicle should be crushed.
    We have a zero alchol and should remain.

    Sound tough? it is a tough world out there in Highway Land.
    I'm not that far away from it & a driving test would give me zero problems.I have done a Gazillion miles in my 50 year driving career in everything,Semi-trailers,frig trucks,road tankers & on down to motorcycles.
    I have seen some elderly people make some horrendous mistakes & then panic only making the situation they have caused for themselves worse.It's not their fault.reaction times are slower when you get older Along with a lot of other factors age related.So i guess i'm saying yes,do test over '70s.
    I think it really depends on health condition, never judge a person by their age, judge by condition if you feel you have the right to judge in the first place.

    Technically speaking, as we age many things do change, however by constant input and repetition, these changes can be delayed as in the case of JBD's mother that is still driving at 92.

    I do think that a driving test should be given at 5 year intervals after 75 until age 90 then every year.

    As a concerned family you may write to your local DMV and request a test for a family member that you are concerned about.. We had to do this with my father, we told him many times that he needed to give up driving after so many strokes. Finally we contacted DMV, he failed the test and he never knew we put them upto it.. he was perfectly fine with 'authority' removing his driving rights.. just not family..

    i think your family doctor should have the say..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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