What might be the reason my washer is not spinning the water out on the spin cycle?I have to repeat spin cycle about three times every wash.?

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    Maybe you don't have enough weight in the drum to keep it spinning the clothes. If there is not an even weight distribution in the drum i.e. one big wet towel, it throws the drums balance so it won't spin properly to protect the machine from being damaged so when you open the door at the end of the cycle, even though the machine has gone through the motions, it won't have spun properly and the clothes are still wet in the bottom of the drum. Voice of experience, very annoying when in a hurry too. Good luck.
    I had this problem with my washer not too long ago, the repairman said that a part was broken and it would cost almost as much as a new machine to repair. So I bought a new machine, my old one was only two years old. Hope you don't have the same problem.

    Had the same problem with my Gibson front loading washer. I had to get a new one too.

    Crap, I really hate telling people I don't know that they probably are going to be spending a lot of money!
    sounds like a faulty transmission
    I think you have a faulty pump, but I dont know wether this is a costly item.
    cheaper to buy a new one than to fix the old one..
    try cleaning out the filter before you do anything else, you will proably find its totaly blocked, cos thats what happened to mine.

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