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    In a old Japapnese movie like the ones with Godzilla, there was one that had a monster that had a head that looked almost like a shark. It came from outer space. I believe that it is a movie that also has the monster Gamara. The main characters where a couple of children that had somehow been captured and ended up onboard a spaceship. That is all that I remember about the movie. WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE MOVIE? Does anyone know?

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    Don`t know that one but there was "Mothra" about a giant moth.

    You're in luck. I'm a Japanese movie freak. It is "Gamera vs. Zigra" or "Gamera tai Shinkai Kaiju Jijura" (1971). What a hoot of a flick! Two cub scouts, one a bratty Einstein, are abducted onto a UFO and stupidity ensues. The "shark monster" is so laughable! This has to be the best Gamara film of them all. The special effects take the cake. If you only see one Gamara movie, see this one. Chemically enhanced, if possible.

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