God and Adam

    Why did Adam did not answer God when, when God call him Adam, Adam where are you?

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    because he now possed the "knowledge of good and evil".it wasn't so much he was naked but rather he knew he had sinned as well!!
    They were ashamed that they had disobeyed god.
    Because he had done what the only thing God instructed him not to do eat from the tree of life and he was naked and ashamed.
    He lost his pure heart was ashamed because he disobeyed GOD bye eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil so they where ashamed of what they had done and being naked.GOD was calling for Adam because he missed his friend.

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    because he was ashamed of "there" actions..

    Because he knew that the Lord God would noticed that he and that woman used their "parts". You know, the parts they were trying to hide with those leaves. Because they had just learned how to "do it".

    They had been naked and felt nothing of the nature of nakedness for each other all that time. That is, until they were "influenced" to understand desire.

    That woman learned first and shown Adam, who admitted that she was the one who shown him how to "do it". As a result of "doing it", two kinds of people entered the world.

    Just too bad Tokogae was there. His child was bad. Funny thing though, when she was introduced to him, she felt something with him, she didn't feel with Adam: desire! She even liked the look of him. What she learned from him, she taught Adam.

    They were supposed to discover each other; but this one was there. Adam didn't want the Lord to know he had learned to do this.

    Satan! What an asprin! Caused that child to be born here. The Lord just said, "let them grow up together". He didn't hold it against the child that he ended up being born here. But, he wasn't Adam's son. That child was a murderer.

    Not going into it, because it's only going to anger some folks.

    Your sister,


    who is Tokogae?
    He was probably in the toilet.

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