I was terminated from my job after 23 years. Who Can I Talk to about staying in the same field. No one will hire me. Should I advance my education in the same field.?

    It is the health field. It was not anything involving patients. I can't find any one who can tell me if I should continue on to get my RN if I can't get hired as an LPN.

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    I would if I were you. I would still look for a job and continue with education rather than doing nothing. I know someone who went back to school two years ago at age 48, got a job this year and still doing schooling in the evening/online to finish. Never stop educating yourself.
    ed shank

    Great advise.
    In my mid forties I decided to leave my job and pursue another profession. I was computer stupid, and assumed that was why I was having difficulty getting into a new field. I went back to school an eventually got a degree as a computer analyst. It was a wise decision at the time, and did get me into a new field, however I hate computers today and want nothing to do with them. Thank God I retired early.
    why were you terminated after all those years? drugs?alcohol? theft? had to be something. every one you try to get hired to will want to know and if its one of these i think your out of luck. but if YOU want to advance in the field, go for it.

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