Is there really a legit "work from home" site? That really works? That would work out so well if I can find a good one. Anyone??

    There are so many work from home sites out there, and I think all of them are a crock. But at the same would be perfect for me. And money is soooo tight right now. Is there one out there that really works? Thanx!

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    E-bay is the best I've found, but you need something to sell that is desired to make anything.
    I found old Harley parts did well, you need to know what your selling and how to make a nice ad.
    If there was, we'd all be doing it instead of going off to work each day.
    i wish i knew as well you are right there are plenty of scams out there. if it sounds to good to be true it probally isn't.

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