Do you think it's a good idea for all women and men to wear burqas? Imagine going through security at the airports!

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    Men don't wear burqas :S
    Second that would never happen, why imagine such a thing...

    Well, it would be good. We wouldn't know to whom we were speaking. If women can wear it, why can't men. Just imagine going into a bank? It would be interesting. The TSA would go insane.

    'if a women can wear it, why can't men..' lol
    okay.....i'll take my comment back, keep your imagination wild... it's funny... :)
    you got a good point....
    No offense intended, and please excuse my ignorance. But what exactly is a burga? With Maine accent being what it is, to me it sounds more like what I'd expect a half drunk brother in-law to ask me if I wanted at a cookout.

    The covering that muslim women wear. Head, half the face and the whole body. Usually in black. They are trying to b ring sharia law into Australia. If they do, I'll migrate to the US.
    It's that black caftan thing that most middle eastern women wear.

    If TSA is gonna feel you up - doesn't really matter who wears one!

    But if they think you're a muslim they are less likely to grab your crotch. We call them 'letter boxes' in Australia.

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