When was the apartheid abolished?

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    which country, South Africa or the United States., apartheid abolished in Sth. Africa in 1994, the U.S.---?
    Apartheid was oficially obalished in the U.S. in 1967. However, it still exsists in our society most clearly in Housing, education, socially, and in seperate churches every sunday. We have yet to accept freely and without prejudice all manority groups on an equal basis. An exsample is the great number of Blacks in prison which numbers close to 2 million inmates.
    We are still basically a racist country.

    I agree. You didn't mention the high number of hispanics in prison.
    You can drive through an area where the crime rate is high and look at the young children. they are learning the ways of survival in their jungle. It's a sad, desparate situation. they know because of their color that they will never really make it.
    everyone could tell cite an example of a black man who made it big in the u.s.

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