Because water is an important resource, I wonder why we have not provided a pipeline and distribution for water when there is too much of it in certain parts of the country, and not enough in others. We build oil pipelines, but do nothing but build levies to prevent devastating floods by diverting the excessive water to waterways and reservoirs in areas in our country that are suffering drought. Isn't it time we start taking our water seriously too. We could all benefit from a water pipeline

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    Damns are built to help others,and lakes are make, Lake Mead not only produces power but water to hundreds of thousands of people. If you would start making pipelines from natural lakes they would soon go dry. The great lakes are slowly reducing in size, I think the last time I heard lake Michigan was almost 12 feet lower than normal. With the water consummation coming out of the great lakes that's not coming back soon.

    Better answer than mine :)
    Las Vegas is in a valley, when it finally does rain there especially if they get a lot of rain they have flooding problems. They have a put in an amazing drainage system there now because of the terrible flood they had in the seventies.

    I've always wondered why they haven't redirected all of this water to a man made lake, being that water is so scarce in the desert. It's probably because of what Colleen said, to expensive. It just makes sense to me to do something like this in areas that are extremely dry...
    The logistics of that would be overwhelming. Can you imagine how much land would have to be purchased for the pipes to go across. It's just not feasible. Nice idea though.
    It's not cost effective for the few dry spells some states may get.
    Eminent domain. They can take it.

    we could desalinate water from the oceans, this would help the US, since the greatest density of our population lives near both coasts.  Whatever happened to the "tow icebergs down and melt them for water" theory?

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