how do you make sporm when your 9 years old

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    Dear kkon,
    How about, you learn how to spell and not worry about "sporm".
    It wont be happening just yet for you.Your body will do this when you reach puberty,usually the age of 12, some boys can reach puberty a little earlier.
    You're 9 for God sake, DON'T rush, you'll have plenty of time for that.
    good answer pythonlover. I answered and beat around the bush the same way i did with my kids.
    shame on me.

    Just a short and simple answer doesnt hurt for now,im getting into practice ready for my 7 year old grandson who is in my care.
    I think you mean spores, that comes from plants. The best example of this is on the bottom of fern leaf.
    i dont know what sporm is.

    LOL, put an e in place of the o.

    You get a common garden worm and mix it with spaghetti= sporm. Don`t eat it, it will send you blind.

    I just knew I would find an answer to this question from you. It!s up to your usual standard. Cheers

    Wasn`t I right wrincles?
    Heard about a little boy who was in the garden with his grandfather when he pulled a worm out of a hole. "Bet I can get that worm back in the hole grandad"
    "If you can I will give you $50 " says grandad.
    Little bloke goes inside and gets can of hair spray, sprays worm and when it is hard shoves back in the hole.
    Grandad gives the boy $50 and goes inside. Few minutes later comes back and gives boy another $50. "you already gave me the money grandad" "yes I know but that was from your grandmother
    I also dont know what sporm is!

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