What is the best razor for a weman?

    Men shave thier face... wemen shave alot more area.. Are razors made differently for weman or are we getting ripped off.... What is the best razor for a woman?

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    My quest would be,women with hairy body,should get a husband who a barber,he'll fix that hair of yours.

    some things are better left alone...get my drift :-)

    got you!sorry.

    LOL I dont have a hairy body.. But I do keep everything shaven and well groomed.

    I was getting tire,and rush through the question,just one those stupid reaction again,if this keep up on dumb ans like excuse just erase me off,I've tried couldn't get it off.please just tell me were f--k off.TK
    AGAIN I CAN COUNT ON PAM TO PULL ME OUT OF CRAP,like this.Thank again PAM,MY APOLOGIZE!please forgive me,I've known to be stupid at time,good slap on the head.

    FacebooK you are fine... Dont be so hard on yourself.. You never offend me... Lots of Love!
    There's no more carpeting to acknowledge the curtains, linoleum seems to be in vogue today. Her razor works fine on my smiley face.
    I would suggest hair remover cream for women. If you need to use a razor try, for women, Gillette Venus Embrace!
    Personally I like the old favorites better....Gilette has a disposable razor you buy in bags of 6 or more...I believe it's called Gilette plus...look for the blue razors packaged thus..I found them the best as they are excellent for a close shave and they make some now that have one of those conditioning strips on them so all you need is wet body parts that you are going to shave...I always thought men have it made regarding shaving...after all, look at the small area they have to shave compared what we women go through!...anyhow, Gilette Plus does not make you practicaly "bleed to death" like some of the others...Geez..I should be hired by Gilette for a commercial, I think...LOL...(:
    You could use a strap razor.

    OUch no.. but thank you.

    I agree.
    Sorry Jenn but when you said you liked to keep "EVERYTHING shaved and well groomed" my first reaction was "WOW" my type of woman.

    LOL... I think most weman are that way. I thought you were thinking it was a crude question. But you all know me I have no shame.. I am an open boook.

    Well open book is good as long as you know the reader if you get my drift.

    Am I in trouble??? I feel like I am getting scolded... LOL

    No way, not by me anyway. I think you are great. I am in Australia where are you from?

    Georgia, USA
    Wow Jenn.

    What is the wow for.. I am serious.. I have used a mens razor my whole life because they seem to stay sharp longer... I dont understand why concidering the how much more a girl had to shave.. Iwas wondering if there was a girs razor that worked as well as a mans.
    I always love to be the barber when I am sharing a nice warm bubble bath with a female. As for the difference between razors for men or woman, I dont think there is any

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