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    Traveling to a work function and got into an accident @ a dead stop. Not sure if it's considered as Workers Compensation case? The reason is because the person @ corporate office Human Resource didn't inform me if it was or not? She was giving me a difficult time with any question I had and was giving me the run around. I persued the case with the person @ fault through his insurance. This mandatory work function was an obligation and everyone had to attend. Please help me out with my question to my situation. Should I persue this injury as Workers Compensation since I was traveling to the work function?

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    TRUE, once you are in the system, any future job you apply for will see it and you may as well have trouble written on your forehead at the next job interview. It depends how seriously you are hurt though. Also If you are on the clock than you are covered, do you really want that to follow you to the next place you work, it's hard enough to find a job these days.

    not worth it, if you dont have to. Once your in the WC system your in it forever. Hope you doing well.


    I did my researched on workers compensation case online and Also I specifically got referred to a Workers Compensation Attorney to get some advice and feedback to whether or not it was considered a Workers Compensaton. Well just realizing the questin he ask was the function for work a mandatory event and were you required to be their? Last question was I able to call off and not attend the mandatory function? My answer to the question to the workers comp lawyer was yes it was mandatory and no I couldn't call off. I had to be @ the function explaining to him that it was a paid funciton.

    I think it depends if you were on company time while going to your function. If they paid you for your time on the road then maybe. If your not on the clock then probably not.

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