What do men traditionally wear under their kilts?

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    I have answered this one before. Nothing is worn under the kilt.Every thing is in perfect working order!
    I wear nothing under my kilt which is as it should be! the coldest place I have worn the kilt was in Scandinavia at minus 32c, the kilt kept the jewels nice and warm. ;-)

    Did you do the Highland Fling?
    Grit Savage

    only when drinking electric soup ;-)
    The tradition was you couldn't wear anything under your kilt,Tell me you didn't know that?

    sorry, did not know that

    I must say it was a well kept secret!
    i would have 'kilt" to have worn one ih my younger days..
    Nothing. It would be a bit drafty in those Scottish Highlands.
    Grit Savage

    air conditioning is good for you, plus it makes you feel very alive ;-)

    No, doubt.
    I wear the kilt to keep my Josie purse "you see she likes "hot money you know just lately i woke up during the night "smelling hair burning there was a big lump under the blanket(like a tent pole holds up the tent iknew it was not my( you know what i mean pam"it was my josie with a candle and a pair of twezzers "i called out whit are you doing "she said i am looking for it as a matter of fact been doing it for years i said tell me when you do i keep wetting the bed old age is a curse
    I'll say a willy holder,so be on your guard.

    to help keep the pool stick with two balls in place :-)

    That pretty good Pam! You know I serve in the 48th Highlanders of Canada,when I was younger lad,so I know the traditional of the kilt,are you familiar with this.
    Anyway I like you view,keep the good work,LOL.[huh].

    I am clueless concerning the kilt...smooch'es

    I went to put your ans in wrong box,the reason was kept secret
    My mates wife put her hand up under a kilt on a dare.
    She said "Oh that is gruesome" to which the Scot replied "Put your hand up again and you will find it has grew some more"
    air and opportunity

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