men and teenage boys, do you like/dislike speedos for guys and why/not?

    All the swimmers in the Olympics except for the "new" long johns wear speedos and look fantastic in them. What's your opinion

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    aawww Heck I look damn good in them, With my SIX PACK abs and all.... well wait,, I guess its in between a 12 pack and an 18 pack. LOL

    I'll bet the bottom half doesn't look so good.
    Yeah, but you can't hide your budgie in your budgie smugglers. Stick to board shorts.

    Who wants to hide things? The women certainly don't, do they? And theirs is skimpier than most briefs for men. And many let it all hang out if not so tight down there.

    I reckon your budgie poking out, looks worse than some half naked woman.

    Yup, they need to cover that mess up. I've asked women I know and general consensus is, not may find it attractive. Sorry guys.

    budgie ... ha ha. a budgie is a little bird that goes peep peep. huh? I agree, colleen, women don't like the looks of that thang.
    Tacky, very tacky.
    ed shank

    How do you fit all that equipment into a piece of material the size of a band aid? I'm sure your voice goes up a few octaves.

    His voice would go up if he crossed a barbed wire fence in them.
    put some clothes on. no one wants to see your little pecs

    I'm laughing carmaxable. I was thinking how to say that and YOU ... just out with it.
    gary, maybe a little less bleach would look better on you.

    to tell you the truth, I think speedos look disgusting on men unless they are in the Olympics.

    Agreed. When men are swimming in the Olympics, we are too busy waiting for them to win, to see what's poking out!
    Depends if one is smuggling budgies or parrots

    "smuggling budgies" gets my vote for the funnier.

    I always thought the Speedo was for competitive swimming and diving. Board Shorts are fine for everyone. A Speedo at the beach is kinda creepy.


    They were compulsary beachwear when I was in the surf life saving movement.

    A lifeguard! Yummy. A regular dude....crummy!

    Haha! I wouldn't have called me yummy exactly. Fit & strong & a fairly good swimmer,But certainly not YUMMY!

    You're being way too modest.
    negative perhaps im just jelious that i dont have the body to wear them.. even if i did i just wouldn't feel right.

    ....better things to do than look at guys in swimsuits 

    ....where is women beach volleyball ?

    terryfossil 1

    Avert your virgin eyes Ben..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    its commonly refered to as "the banana hammock"

    I think a little mystery goes a long way!.Speedos etc. are for TOOyoung men!


    Is there really a mystery to Speedos. It's obvious that the guy is usually well built, well endowed and good looking. Oh, and for the record, the blond hair on my pic is real and natural and ITSMEE should know better than make fun of a handsome dude like me. ha ha.

    Not for me mate,i am a board shorts man,,as for your budgie problem,,they are all budgies till they become Condors..and very popular on our beaches,,even our ex prime minister..Tony Abbott,he also done a lot of work with the Surf Lifesaving boys among a lot of other things.. >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Boring - not stylish - old hat.

    Depends on size of the guy wereing them, but common ladies, men with muscles and speedo's are hot!


    thanks, Speedos are hot and most of the guys in them are too.

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