what dose a person eat, if they can't have milk or soy products, they are in everything, please help me, thanks

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    No, not everything. If you eat fresh produce from your garden or from a Farmer's Market, eat meat fresh from local farms also, the only thing you need to worry about it garbage foods such as pies, cakes and some breads. There are many, many gluten free foods in the grocery stores now. It might be hard to get used to but I guarantee you that you will eat well and you will feel a hundred percent better than you have in the past.

    P.S. Vegans do not eat dairy of any sort or eggs. There are many vegans on this earth that are living just fine with a limited diet. You can too!
    I'm assuming you went to a doctor to find out you can not consume products with milk or soy, in it. Didn't the doctor provide you with a detailed food list? Did you ask him what you could eat? Right now, all I can think of is meats, fruits and vegetables.

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