what do u do when u feel depresed?

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    Seek professional help, please, and try to sort out whether you (I am assuming it is you) are suffering from reactive depression or a chemical imbalance, either of which are treatable, but sometimes treatable in different ways. Depression is a dark, scary thing - when I've suffered those bouts it seems like the light's been turned out - like i was just frozen in a black, black hole. Depression is real and it's physical and emotional. It is not a weakness of character; you can't just will it away. More importantly, depression can be helped. Make a call today; don't wait. Maybe your pastor or a friend or some kind of referral hotline can help you find someone to help. Talk to a couple of people and see who you relate to the best before making the commitment of time.

    I wish you the very best. Good luck and feel better.


    i feel hope when there are some guys like u in this word:)thanks

    I am being treated for depression/anxiety and agree with the other comments, you will feel better. I am feeling the best ever, it could very easily be treated today. If you have doctor talk to him.. If you have insurance or a free clinic. What ever way you go it's all strictly confidently. Please don't wait I wish someone had help get there sooner it would have made a big difference in my life.

    I make myself go out and do things, when all I want to do is isolate myself. I answer the phone when I don't want to, sometimes force myself to make phone calls to family and friends just to say hi. Going out and getting groceries and having a conversation with the clerk, anything to do the opposite of what I feel like doing, which is usually nothing. Seeking a professional opinion from your doctor is very important. When my doctor prescribed Lexi-pro it took about two weeks, I had my first positive thought I think in a year. I didn't realize how negative I was thinking because it became normal to me. Force yourself to be around people, talk to friends and family, and especially a doctor. Good luck,

    Doctor's a good idea. I was on Lexi-pro it helped me a great deal. When most if not all your thoughts are negative, and you even have thoughts about taking your own life, call someone or see a doctor asap. I get out of the house when I'm in that blackness. I force myself to go and do stuff around people, or hang with friends. When I don't want to talk to anyone, I make calls to friends and family just to chat. Just force yourself to do the good things you don't want to do. Go to the grocery store talk to the clerk, etc. Good luck and God Bless you.

    You feel done.... Done with every thing.


    could u please explain more?

    grant me serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can,but most of all the wisdom to know the difference


    thanks all of u guys.i love all af u;)

    what kind of depression u going thru...? thats the quest. i have gone thru alot myself...honestly taking pills is not the solution...finding the prob..and working to get out of it works...for me i was lonely..even though married but never had my husband's company so i started chatting online with friends all over the world... also started working n studying at the same kept me busy... i knew what was missing in my case A FRIEND! so i made so many friends... also i ignored my husband and focused more on myself... so i started to take care of ME not HIM.... thats very important... do what pleases U not Others! try a day out with ur frienz.. i believe in myself... thats a spirit u need to get out of ur depression first... meds wont help if u wont try and get urself out of it ;) it will keep coming back 2 u....

    I agree with Luna,get help right awway,I have been there and there is help out there for you. You are NOT alone,there are all kinds of depression and they can be helped. Look you are reaching out already and you can feel the you are depressed,that is a start.Call your doctor and get in right away! Like i said i have been there and it is not a good feeling,but there is help and Never be afraid to reach out for help of any kind. Please call and get yourself in the right place,GOD speed and I hope that you will be feeling great soon! Spring is almost here and the more you can get out in the sunshine the better you will be feeling also.Take care.


    thay didn ask you for all that just a quastion ok no earse that ansew the quastion


    lovely answer Gladys.honest and truthful x take care x

    depression is different for a lot of people. My best suggestion is to seek professional help not answers on here.

    if you're depressed about you're whole life , go jogging out in an empty quiet, green place.
    but if you're depressed about a certain thin in you're life, such as an issue, just don't stress yourself thinking of it , try meditating, calming down and look for a solution, if you can't, then ask for help from anyone around you.


    yes!i am going to do sport and jogging is too rewarding for me!

    eat sweet things, i recommend chocolate, but not in excess, you don't want to end up obese, you'll jus get more depressed!


    i've never heard that!interesting!i'll try it!thanks alot;)

    ive been depressed for 3years now and i cant seem to get out of this hell hole im in, ive tried councilling it didnt work for me but everyone is differnt i suggest you to give it ago 1st, i was also on tablets for my depression and on sleeping tablets but i had to stop cos the doctor said i would get hocked on them so whats the point in them??!!! - but when im down and feel like s**t i try thinking about things that make me happy i.e music - sport - my pets - and most of all my family which have been my rock through my depression.

    If you know what the cause of the depression is and you know why you feel down try and find someone who is in the same situation as you and talk to each other about it and about other stuff. As i found that helped me because that person who i would talk to uderstood where i was coming from because he had been through simalar depression and sufferd the same sort of thing i went through.

    hope you get through it. its a long battle but we all can fight it off in our own little ways its just finding the right way.

    professional help isn't necessary, why do people always say that before anything.

    The answers lay within you. your mind is telling you that it's time to wake up.

    When you are depressed your brain partially goes to sleep.. start meditating, and
    raising your spiritual vibrations.. desire to know the real truth and it will manifest
    to you. eating foods that have a higher vibration goes with it. Much love =]

    thanks a lot for your all cm!i think on them;**

    just change your life you will find all the advice on line its only you who can do it get fit dont use any chemicals just do it natural i think depression is man made you will get down in life its just part of life just got to accept it and be strong good look anyway healthy body healthy mind

    this is wat you dojust do wat ever


    i dident get your cm!


    i havent got your cm!

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