How in the hell can I contact Pay Pal people. I hace an account with them but try-as-I-may I cannot get them to accept any of my cards nor can I rteach a live person to get this straigjhtened out. I have three different cards from US Bank and abouta thouisandmdollars in myaccount. If I don't get an immediate response from them I will cancel and use another more responsive group tomsign up with.ds

    cannot get approvals.

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    Log into your account. On the "my account" page, scroll to the bottom and see "Contact Us" on the contact page see "Call us" tab. You will see a pin number. You will need that when you call them. The pin is good for 30 minutes. Below that you will see their number.
    Did you create a personal account? Did you have your bank verified with paypal? They do this by sending a small deposit to your bank account which you then have to take back (just type in the amounts they deposited) and fill in the verification form. Once they see your bank account is real and active, then they'll accept credit cards. Your bank account is used to back up the credit cards. I've tried searching for a contact number before and failed to find one. I'll try again.

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