atractive woman(i need the answere)

    what kind of woman is the most atractiv one?i mean her caracter!

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    i love your cm!co biriliant!


    The very MOST attractive woman is the one who makes you smile the MOST, the one that MOST makes you feel good about yourself, the one that makes you think the MOST, the one that is on your mind the MOST, and the one that evidently triggered your thinly veiled question about her character. (What is also attractive is someone blond with big breasts and no glasses who doesn't laugh at thoughtless saggy-a**ed men who all eventually, need reading glasses...)

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    Not judgmental towards others. Also be on the same intellect level as myself.

    An honest one.....


    agree whit u!

    without a doubt it would have to be her heart, that determens ,her intelect as well as true beauty

    What kind of english are you speaking......


    sorry!i know what do u mean;D

    A since of humor... Taking life too seriously is depressing. Fighting over stupid things is a waste of time. And Beautiful wemon are not all bad.... I am amazing LOL

    i think an attractive person would be someone who is confident and laughs easily, who is not shy to call you stupid (not in a bad way) and someone you can spill the beans to without worrying about she might hate you, or misjudge you.
    someone you can trust and rely on.

    Blond, slim fit, big breasts, symmetric face, long hair and most importantly wearing no glasses :-)


    your taste is hot one;)

    To me, an attractive woman or a man is one who is confident with who they are, who doesn't need to pretend to be someone they are not, who can laugh easily and at themselves, who are interested in other people, straightforward and kind. Someone who possesses these attributes are always attractive to me, no matter what they look like.

    On the other hand, I've known beautiful looking people who are self-centered, uninteresting and shallow.


    like your cm!agree whit u 100%self_confident person is the most attractive one!

    an honest women with a great mind.

    an honest women with a great mind

    Laughs at my wit.



    What you find attractive depends totally on your personal taste.


    i want to know your tast my freind;)

    A woman who lets her inner beauty shine on the outside.

    If you have to ask what is an attractive women , then you have a issue with wanting to please others to much. Why? Because why would you care what an attractive women is to someone else? Attractive is a personal choice, which needs no other input. Think on that. Then be yourself and don't worry about what others think, and someone will be attracted to you because you then will be self confident enough to have a aura of attraction.


    maby there is a miss underestanding my freind!i dont want to chenge myself to atractive one!i just want to know that how men think!it is like my curious sens that related to my age!

    I like woman with nice legs, not to thin, not to fat, just a bit in the middle


    so u made it clesr that u love sexy one;D


    so u made it clear that u love sexy one!

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