what do u think about irainian pepole?i need the answere:)

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    There are good and bad in all people, I work with someone who's father came over here from Iran in the 70's when they had their revolution, he says he is not interested in what goes on there. He is a realy nice person and so is his dad.

    They are very religious and many of them are zealots. The young generation however is showing signs of sobering from the religious brainwash the government has bestowed upon them.

    Iranians are also very smart and good at math, too bad they are using this gift to commit atrocities against people of other religions across the globe.

    Bit like saying what do you think about food. You can't generalise.

    You can't think anything in general about Iranians, nor about any other nationality. It would not be just. There is beautiful and unpleasant people everywhere on earth. Be open and look at the individual.

    What do you mean what do we think of them. Unless you live in Iran how would you know? The media coming from Iran is useless.

    Honestly, while I only know a handful of Iranian people (and I like each one of them), I don't like to generalize. I will tell you that I love all people in general; the world would be a very boring place indeed if everyone were just like me.

    The Iranian leaders, as opposed to the Iranian people, are scary zealots who will very soon have nuclear capacity. The Iranian people are far more moderate and secular and modern than their leadership and their media would lead you to believe. I hope the Iranian people are able to curb the zealous aggression of their leaders. We should pray for them - alot.

    all people are created in Gods image... a need for justice, love, wisdom etc. We are all related all the way back to Noah so I consider all my brothers and sisters. We need to look at people the way God does for their potential to do good not their imperfection.

    Present leaders are a problem, but Iran used to be a ally of ours.

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