Do you think vets charge too much money

    I have just taken my freinds cats to be spade and one needs a blood test as the vet said she looked pale and thin she is only 4yrs old I think it could be feline aids or lukimai either way the blood test will be £124.14p Uk Money

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    My vet was the cheapest one in a large area, still is but his prices are higher now due to his revolving wives and children by each. In any case he is still very reasonable compared to many. I used to ask people how much they paid for their dogs ACL replacements as that is a fairly common surgery. Some were paying as much as $1600 USD for one knee to be done. I paid $600 UDS for both to be done. When you have as many dogs as I do, it helps to keep the expenses down. I have done my own vaccinations for many years, first with the cats and now with the dogs. The only one by law that I can't do is rabies. I pay very close attention to all the dogs and haven't had too many emergencies (luckily) but about the time you think you have a handle on things - that's when it happens.
    indeed they charge to much, they gauge their prices on our love toward animals, i understand we all need to make a liveing not a killing.

    Do you suppose people hospitals do the same thing?
    Every Vet has different prices. Some are much more expensive than others.Be fore I took my animals to a Vet. I called and asked how much they charge for a certain procedure. I went to a Vet in the next town who has very reasonable prices, much cheaper than the Vet in my town and I am very happy the way he treats my animals.You might want to call other Vets to see how much they charge for the same procedure. Some might be cheaper or even more expensive than your Vet. Good luck.

    thats a good idea thank you
    Medical bills are expensive. There's no getting around it, for animals, as well as humans!

    that is so true I just found this comment by accident lol
    SOme vets charge 150 for just the visit.. I think that is a little exseccive.. Our vet charges 25 for the visit.. All of them charge about the same for testing and x rays... But I would go to the most reliable regaurdless of cost.. They dont have to go that often. It just so happens the vet we chose loves animals and want of them to have the oppertunity to see a vet...

    thats not bad concidering the uk prices a visit at home in the UK they charge for a home visit is £90.00
    thank you paws for ever
    Considering their cost of schooling, over head costs, paying for staff, equipment and the fact they only see your pet a few times a year or for emergencies, no, I don't think they charge too much. They have to earn a living too. Blood work like you're getting include lab fees that the vet has no control over.

    thank you Colleen never thought about the lab fees
    "I must stop dying my hair blonde"
    ed shank

    Perhaps lab fees should have been the question. My insurance paid nearly $3,500 for lab work. I called the hospital and wanted some justification as to the charge. I was told, don't worry about it, your not paying for it. Sick shit.
    Vets and doctors are the same....each one will charge differently...some way lower than others...generally though the best way to find a good reasonable vet is by word of mouth, asking around, etc. I've found an extremely reasonable vet who is very very good with animals also and quite compassionate if you have to have your dog's life terminated. But, the line for her services is around the block for emergencies as she is very popular in my neighborhood. Same goes for my doctor of 15 years who suddenly retired last year....I cannot find another to even get close to his low prices nor one as knowledgeable and kind as he was...I miss him! Boo Hoo! (:

    i am sorry you still miss him but just have good memories of him paws for ever
    For horses the call out fees are getting out of hand.
    Crazy, I spent more for my cat in two visits then on myself this year. Dentist suck also.
    My believe Vet over charge, or con there customer when their in grief,and don't want them self suffering .There are to be a law.Now I know people love their pet more than people,I for one agree.It's not as,We also know some of us money is the driving force.
    easier said than done.we all felt with the pain in our's bend said that animals know your not feeling well,animals have much better instant,than humand.I think sometime they can heal you.Well at lease can trace the illness.

    thank you facebook good comments yes I do agree that alot is played on the grief yes you are so right they do heal us human beings thanks again

    Well  when I go to the vet  befor I make a commitment  for care I try to get  an idea as to  if I can afford  the cost  .


    good answer lol

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