do u sacrifise for your country in an revolution?

    sometimes people say that it is no use to do for improvement in your country in a revolution!what do u think?

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    The question you should be asking is this. Are you man or woman enough to join a revolution, or are you going to sit there and let the walls of greed and corruption take hold. The situation is just that with me! I am trying to get people together, masses of people to start this revolution. Just like in Cairo and Libia, the USA needs to throw out all the people who are for themselves and put real followers in government. People who think otherwise have been brainwashed into the every day T.V. fantasy world. They have been lead to just accept things as they are without the common sence to think about what is happening. Do you know that the government was trying to pass a bill to tax AIR????? It's true. If your government is bad, it would be in your best interest to change it, even at the cost of ones own life if it meant the future of your children.

    In a Revolution it usually involves going up agaisnt a government, it in no way will change the government system. it is not worth giving up anything for it. Public uprisings hurt and kill good and inicent Police Officers, Military Officers, And firefighters trying to keep everyone safe...a revolution is a bad idea to begin with and sacrificing for it is a worse idea..

    Well it is really very hard to get North America people into Revolution....Because we have been living very spoil in our whole life......Of course it is easy for Europe or third country doing it they have been living on 2$ per day last 100 yrs ..... Just be happy what you people have...No green pasture over fence... Suggest Move to new state with your needs. How about move to Canada.

    a commie revolution like the moron protester in Wisconsin would like to see. NO! That guy appears to be a complete idiot. Maybe he was mad because he didn't get to go to Egypt and protest with the idiots of Code Dink. Pink

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