What is the best way to remove the bolts that connect your toilet tank to the base of the toilet?

    These brass bolts get so rusted together. Looking for the best way to remove them without breaking the tank.

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    another simple method would be to grab the top side with a good sharp pair of vice grips and a tghtly fit socket on the bottom side with a good size ratched and turn, usealy when their that rusted they'll snap like a twig..
    Colleen got the right and only answer. Cut them off with a small handsaw. You can get one at Home Depot for about $5.00. The saw is very small and very practical for the spot. And while you are there don't forget to pick up a set of new bolts for about $3.50
    You may need to get a cutting tool and cut them off. You can try a spray on rust remover but by the sounds of it, they are in such bad shape, this would not help.

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