what do you need to build a inground pond with a water fall

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    I made one years ago. I first dug the pond and dug it in steps because different water plants need different depths. Then I cleaned out the inside and cleared away all the jagged sharp rocks and proceeded to use old carpet to line it so the rubber liner would not get punctured. Then I lined it with the liner and laid it out about a foot around the outer edge of the pond. I then went and picked flat rocks and covered the liner around the edge. If you are going to have a water fall make sure the liner will cover the entire base of it and also pile the dirt a bit uphill so any water that reached the liner will run into the pond.I then laid my pump line across the waterfall area and proceeded to build a nice rock water fall with the flat rocks stacked and the pump line running up and through the top rocks. I put a few rocks on top to conceal it. I then filled the pond and turned on the pump adjusting the tip of the line so it ran out nicely over the rocks and spilled down into the pond. It took me about three weeks from start to finish but it was beautiful.

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