how many people believe in the saying "they will get theirs , some day"

    do you believe that bad people will reep what they saw? or does it seem that evil keeps getting away with more evil?

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    It would be nice if the people who wronged me got theirs but I doubt if they will in this life. The luck sobs get away with everything.

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    Reap what they sow...No not really. I think living your own life the best you can matters more than dwelling on someone that choses not to.


    I soo wish this came easyer for me. I do know I am only responcible for myself ( my actions and reactions) but it is hard to see others live with what seems to be no regard for their actions.

    I think that charma is something we all have to deal with. I had to pay out five thousand for something that should have been shared with by my ex. Years later he was telling me about court costs he had to endure and funny enough it cost him the exact amount.I could go on about so many "what comes around goes around" but there's no point.Every action has a reaction.Don't waste any energy wishing ill will, it's no good for the soul.


    It is called Karma, not charma

    People who do evil are already suffering, and may or may not learn from their mistakes.. depends how long they wish to suffer.

    No.. I do not... Well not in this life. I have seen it.. But there are many cases that evil ppl just skate by.

    Yes I truly believe one will reap what they sow we might not see it but it will happen be it here or on judgment day.

    What goes round comes round u better believe it KARMA

    Yup, I believe in that saying. I have a bit of faith in karma. Everything a person does truly bad will come back at them in one way, shape or form, sooner or later. Sometimes, it's good to believe. Otherwise violence can erupt if someone has wronged another and the another wants back at 'em

    I would like to believe it is true. For me personally, it always seems to be true. Karma is a bitch.

    Mm they'll get theirs,what goes around comes around or karma.It's all really just wishful thinking,wanting to believe that their natural justice in the world but justice is a man made concept and apart from us making justice happen whether in a law court or by a more hands on approach then it doesnt happen.Those that are selfish and do what suits them seem to get what they want more often then not and rarely is there a bill to settle later down the line.All you can do is live your life and let others live theirs,it's pointless to dwell on how unfair it seems that those who don't care seem to get ahead because you can be sure they're not wasting a second worrying whether it's fair or not !!!!

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